This blog features excerpts from my diary.

These excerpts are from the transcriptions from my handwritten diary onto Word & then saved onto a flash drive.  During that process, I am copying & pasting sections to rework into a novel.  This blog is the novel in progress.

Because this is a novel, most, if not all, of the names have been changed.  But even if I wasn’t making this into a novel, I would have to change the names – for obvious reasons, legal and otherwise.  Since I have never encountered fame in my lifetime, the people in my life have mostly been as anonymous as I have been.  But even so, I would have to get permission from every single person I mention – it is easier to change the names.  For lots of people, mentioned only once or twice, I merely used initials.

In some cases, I have blended people & created new characters.  Some people are split into two or more people to further confuse the issue.  So if you think are reading about yourself, think again.  This blog is NOT going to be the real & true diary of ME.

It is going to be an exercise in turning a diary into a novel.

UPDATE:  I printed out all the blog entries thus far & I started going through them with my red pen & making edits.  So I am going to start making changes.

I argued with myself over this.  I thought, well this blog is a good first draft.  But then I thought, I might as well make the changes so that whoever comes & reads it for the first time gets the better copy.

Thanks for hanging in there for me & for reading.